Tweak and boost Microsoft Print to PDF on Windows

Who will dominate the world of electronic publishing? Adobe PDF or Microsoft XPS?Tweak Microsoft Print to PDF SDK

Microsoft Print to PDF is a native, built-in PDF creation software that comes preinstalled with Microsoft Windows 10 and Windows 11. It serves as a virtual printer, and allows users to print document to this virtual printer by printing.

If you would like to bypass the 'Save Print Output As' dialog box, and save the PDF files to a target directory programmatically and silently, you would need the help of this PDF SDK.

The SDK covers all the features available in Tweak Microsoft Print to PDF software. What makes the SDK different is that it does not have any UI (user interface). Everything is running on the background. You can configure Microsoft Print to PDF printer through command line or use a software configuration tool to set it up. After you complete the setup, you can a configuration file, and this file controls the behavior of Microsoft Print to PDF printer in the way that you desire.

Command-Line Operability

How to manipulate Microsoft Print to PDF printer programmatically and silently?


Configuration File

How the configuration file looks like? How Microsoft Print to PDF printer behaviors according to the configuration file?


Configuration Tool with User Interface

How to quickly and easily generate the configuration file in an intuitive way?


All answers can be found in Tweak Microsoft Print to PDF SDK. If you are interested in the SDK, feel free to contact our support team.