Tweak and boost Microsoft Print to PDF on Windows

Who will dominate the world of electronic publishing? Adobe PDF or Microsoft XPS?Tweak Microsoft Print to PDF 5.0

Repairing Microsoft Print to PDF issues and customizing Microsoft Print to PDF printer to make it more appropriate to your needs are tasks that will no longer require extensive computer knowledge. A handy tweak utility is designed to change the behavior of Microsoft Print to PDF printer and empower the printer with many advanced features comparable to Adobe Acrobat. The user only has to decide which areas of Microsoft Print to PDF should be improved and then simply follow the recommended settings.

In case you need to rebuild corrupted or missing Microsoft Print to PDF printer, automatically open and view PDF document in any PDF reader after it is created, protect your PDF files with password, apply PDF paper size and PDF file size customization, as well as convert other file types to PDF in batch, this tweak utility makes all these possible with the utmost ease. It can help you adjust the settings of Microsoft Print to PDF printer, tinker with the PDF options or change the printer preferences on Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Define New Paper Size:

Add New Paper Size

The utility is able to adjust several PDF look and feel settings on PDF startup, remove sensitive data in PDF document, manage PDF permission options, backup and restore Microsoft Print to PDF settings, and it gives you the possibility to view and modify how PDF files are created. Features like Automatic Save that works silently bypassing the Save Output as PDF box, or the automatic email PDF document with any email client can be activated with one click.

Remove sensative information from PDF meta data:

PDF Meta data

There are some functions pertaining to the general behavior of Microsoft Print to PDF printer that can be enabled, like prompting, overwriting, skipping, appending, when the destination PDF file exists, output PDF files to a folder or a file, pass created PDF files to another application for further processing, and many more. With this tweak utility you will also be able to make menus fade and PDF pages in full screen mode, as well as slide show your PDF document.

Protect PDF document:

Protect PDF

All in all, those interested in customizing in depth their Microsoft Print to PDF printer should definitely try this application if they have a Windows 10 or later operating system. Very easy to use, even by novices, Tweak Microsoft Print to PDF will surely help anyone who wants to enhance the capabilities and looks of Microsoft Print to PDF in a straightforward way.

Tweak Microsoft Print to PDF

Batch Conversion to PDF:

Automatic Save and Automatic Open PDF document: